Tasting the DoppelHop

I guess most of you remember that on Rosenmontag I brewed a doppel bock bier and bottled it on March 11th. 1 week through bottle conditioning the pressure in the bottles was already reaching 2bar so I decided to open one for tasting. For my disapointment that bottle had significant levels of diacetyl (butter, toffee, butterscotch) that I didn’t notice in the day we bottled the beer. So either the beer developed diacetyl during bottle conditioning and needed some more time to clean it up or I got myself an infected batch.


Without much alternative I decided to put the bottles in the cellar and wait for another 2 weeks to try them again. If it was infected the diacetyl would still be there otherwise the beer would clean up nicely.

So 2 weeks later we opened another bottle that had no perceivable diacetyl. YAY. The beer has a noticeable hop aroma (not characteristic for the style, but just like I wanted it), a nice malt flavor with some roastiness mixed up with the bitterness. I guess this beer wouldn’t win any competition and probably get me a lifetime ban in Bavaria (due to the aroma hops) but I’m pretty happy with it. Maybe next time I’ll try to hit my desired OG to increase the alcohol levels since this one ended in the lower end of the scale for the style and reduce a little the chocolate malts to balance more the malt and the roast flavors.